He/Him/They is preferred.
I cry a lot about dnd.

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upset about dnd

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i cant believe that lia met clint and managed to convince him not to kill her for sneaking into a secret base thing for like. Litor’s elite. that no one is supposed to know about.  how.


HiroshigeNew Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Ōji (1857) 

The only post I made last night was about Jojo and Lia

who was that man i hugged last night on the street

who were you


At least we haven’t been attacked by demons yet.

There is a sword that might b able to kill the demons and not the person I’m so glad. Elliot is all about this. He’s good at stealing and also he wants this so awesome
Hopefully there aren’t demons there but I’m assuming there are

Lia Loves JoJo a 20 and I’m drunk

Look at my shoes they’re so good



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


jojo is going to have such cool armour but i just have to figure out how to make it look cool because basically i have 2 sets of armour and then a hella lot of dragon scales

but my litor armour is med armour, and it’s like. Blue and silver

then there’s the dungeon armour, and it’s heavy armour, and it’s silver and purple w/ some gold, and matches my new (evil) axe

and then the dragon scales are gold and some are red and im not sure if they’re light or med. armour when put together

I think we’re going to stain some of it purple and make it cool