He/Him/They is preferred.
I cry a lot about dnd.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus!

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upset about dnd

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we went green and one day ill get tusks from drillbot like mia has

We went to renfair

Renfest tomorrow



hey! so, as y’all know, class is in session! and of course i’m getting pretty busy, and had to close my official big commissions for the term. unfortunately, money’s still kinda tight, and the job search hasn’t entirely been in my favor.

SO! ive decided to open sketch commissions, since they’re pretty easy to pump out, even with all my other assignments. 4 slots will be open from thursday to sunday, every week (unless specified). a lil more info under the cut

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yoo hi check this out. i got an interview at the library next week, but it’s not 110% secured. i need like $40 a month at LEAST for prescriptions, and also other money for food and school also. but my meds r the biggest concern rn.

pls boost if u can i love u!! :*

im mad the starbucks isn’t the apple drink because thats sO GOOD i would buy two….

they spent like 15 minutes talking to a floating mustache 

shit i was laughing so hard the whole fucking game i can’t believe this


conquer yourself