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see but I wonder if
nifty is/was ever afraid of Joaquin just packing up and running away again? like he still carries everything he needs on his person, especially when he goes out of the city on missions. I wonder ever thought if something bad happened Joaquin would just run away from him.
obviously now he’s very convinced that Joaquin loves him unconditionally and they have children together.

Also does tanum think that about havi. havi is worse than joaquin in this regard.

oh. hm. hmm.

every relationship we have, one half is or could have been worried about the other just running away one day and not coming back
fucked up


i don’t care if you think it’s “improper first date attire” this suit of armor is enchanted and i’m wearing it

#jojo #and Joaquin #tbf look who they are dating


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Def just watched a car plow into some sand barrels dang

jokerstrife: 11, 16, 17

11. Most Optimistic

Issa is probably the most optimistic but if only for naivety. 
Then probably Elliot, Jojo, Areli??  

Elliot’s (generally) that even if bad things happen and they dont work out, he can get away from them and they wont affect him. I don’t know if you’d lable that optimism, but he’s optimistic that things wont fuck him over. That’s changing because things ARE fucking him over now, but generally. 

Jojo is more that things will work out in the end?? Like he’s probably pretty cautious that things are going to fuck up at any given time, considering his situation, but  like. That in the end it’s all okay???

Areli’s not pessimistic but probably the most realistic of the lot and more often than not would be one to realize something wont work and leave it be!!

16. Most Confident

Areli has a lot of years of practice of turning any self doubt into a show of confidence because if you act confident you are confident sort of thing. He’s the most showing in that he has confidence and the most willing to display it too. He also avoids doing things he knows he can’t do, so he’s just super confident in things he knows he’s really good at anyway.

Elliot is confident because he’s too stupid to realize he ought not to be and he isn’t the top of the world. In game he is realizing/has realized this, mostly because he’s fucked up repeatedly in things that he should be good at or knowledgeable in so i mean. His confidence is more genuine than Areli’s but also more misplaced, so…

Jojo is confident but also like not overly so like Elliot or Areli because he knows he has a lot to work on and are surrounded by people that remind him of that?? Lia’s more quicker, Clint is stronger, Havi is smarter, Joaquin is more clever, etc.  Jojo thinks he’s hella cool but knows he’s not At The Top so.

Issa has like zero confidence in himself or his choices, so. Very rarely he’s not easily swayed.

17. Most likely to save someone in a burning building

Jojo!!!!!! Jojo def would w/o a lot of second thought on it. He wants to help people!!

Elliot would because he figures he could probably get in and out w/o a lot of trouble, unless it’s super bad or something. And also there would probably be some reward or something given, so. 

Issa is unlikely to run in himself to save someone, but would run to get someone who COULD save them right away!! If he knew any magic that could help put out the flames, or anything, he’d do that, but he’d be very hesitant to run in. If he was the only one around and that was the only option, he’d at least try, though!! He’d just be pretty convinced that he would get trapped in there with him, or get there and still not really be able to help! He’s v compelled to help in any way he can but there just aren’t a lot of ways he could.

Areli would not run in ever at all. He would get someone else, or wait for someone else to do it, but he would not risk himself for someone else. There are v few people where he would consider it doing that for, and in the heat of the moment would be more likely to run away.

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