upset about dnd

Hi I'm Shad. I'm a big bara boy.
He/Him/They is preferred.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus until winter break!!

Also on MangaMagazine.

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I have to do 7 character sheets and I’m probably going to do a sketch of the city or at least a little of it to get a feel for it

and then fix up my storybible

by tuesday BUT if I finish it all by Sunday, I can put it in my Jr Review bc it would be something I have some confidence in AND it’d be school work AND not my majorĀ 

SIGHS HEAVILY And opens photoshop back up

Tagged: #I'll work on this tonight #animation tomorrow and that time-sensitive commission #animation friday #this friday #put together jr review stuff friday and saturday... #the real question is do i have enough coffee to last the weekend #on the BRIGHT SIDE I GET MY PHONE FRIDAY OR SATURDAY!!!!!