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Hi I'm Shad. I'm a big bara boy.
He/Him/They is preferred.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus until winter break!!

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guseri replied to your post: how do i do the off thing is it something i can…

OFF? It’s a game, um.… There you go, if that’s what you wanted.

YEAH but i have mac and you have to go through hoops to get it to work last i heard i was wondering if there was a LP but like is it a lot of reading or

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  1. friendlytroll said: Just get a thing called PlayOnMac and open it up through that, it;ll do an instally thing and limp it along on a mac. Its too reading based for a drawing shit while watching LP.
  2. tangmelon said: what’s your standard for “a lot of reading” ?? Because for me, it wasn’t too much at all.
  3. guseri said: I just started it but so far it’s not too heavy on reading, just dialogue and a lot of it’s optional really.
  4. unendingengines said: it’s by agentjr but idk about the quality
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