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Hi I'm Shad. I'm a big bara boy.
He/Him/They is preferred.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus until winter break!!

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what’s your standard for “a lot of reading” ?? Because for me, it wasn’t too much at all.

mostly im working rn on art and if i can put it on in the corner of the screen and semi pay attention and get the idea, or if its something i have to sit and put my attention on

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  1. tangmelon said: oh yeah I’d… pay attention to the game since there’s no voice audio. Or you’d definitely have to pay attention to the cutscenes/important dialogue, which comes up often? <:U IDK I would usually listen+watch a LP with lots of spoken dialogue.
  2. guseri said: Sit and put your attention on, but the music’s nice. The soundtrack’s for download too I think.
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