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Hi I'm Shad. I'm a big bara boy.
He/Him/They is preferred.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus until winter break!!

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luzerna replied to your post: reads cucuquest from the start and tries to pay…

There is a published comic I remember reading that was entirely horizontal panels. It felt less like a comic and more like stills from a wide screen film? Very cinematic, let you soak in more of the environment than most comics.

I REALLY LIKE horizontal panels but im mostly worried that it like is too much IDK

im p sure no matter what i do im going to feel like im doing it ‘wrong’ bc ive had like 1 comic class and ¬†am just sort of winging it

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  1. beesmygod said: the punisher did this for a while and it worked really well
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