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Hi I'm Shad. I'm a big bara boy.
He/Him/They is preferred.

I do a webcomic, you should check it out! It's unfortunately on hiatus until winter break!!

Also on MangaMagazine.

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grabbin her ass.Slick - http://whaoanon.tumblr.comSnowman - 

grabbin her ass.

Slick -
Snowman - 

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    "Bitch, stop biting, god fucking damn it what’s your problem."
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    I still fucking love this video/picture. It made me ship them so badly. #reblogforever
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    hate snoggin
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    reblogging for reblogging
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    check out these losers that i totally didnt scream in glee upon first seeing at otakon
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    that’s pretty slick /sunglasses
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