He/Him/They is preferred.
I cry a lot about dnd.

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upset about dnd

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bea’s neopet fart_bag_smells and her petpet girl stinky.

she wanted me to draw them ok

The thought of the look on his face when he sees it makes her feel warm inside, and a little flustered for some reason she can’t entirely put her finger on. She ignores that part

presses face into a pillow

partners in crime that are best bros but then slowly grow apart into the two different gangs for some reason and now they’re enemies 


deep down

kill me

kill me

writes up a post rambling about gm and rp shit

looks at it

no this is too homo i cant this is my breaking point

seppuku and is reborn into a true anime

It’s not my fault you don’t like perfect yaoi animes.

- Laura, in regards to The Lorax.

I’m not a Lorax, I’m a Once-slut that you VERY much

- Laura

i gave up im done ollies out

dumb tf2rp thing dont look

ok it basically ends after ‘blond’ rn and it’s hella rough but lmfao I WANT TO DO THIS OKAY I’M GOING TO

smite me where i stand.