He/Him/They is preferred.
I cry a lot about dnd.

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upset about dnd

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Anonymous: what are your fanapace's favorite seasons?

BS likes SPRING because it’s warm/cool and similar to Prospit

ST likes FALL because it’s cooler but not cold and it’s not the sweltering desert heat of summer also a lot of the food is ripe and ready to cook with

FB probably doesn’t really have a favorite but if he had to pick it would be WINTER because it gives people more of a reason to get in-get out of his shop because it’s fucking cold and so is his shop no one wants to stay in there. Also because ST cooks really good comfort-like-food in the winter

KD likes SPRING because all the flowers start blooming and because you’re finally out of winter, which she doesn’t like

MD likes SUMMER even though it’s really hot, but he just likes sitting out and drinking iced tea and he likes summer rain storms they’re nice

derples replied to your post: derples replied to your photo: babiessss draw…

draw awkward kissing back


derples replied to your photo: babiessss

draw kissing



best friends



obey ur mother

fuck you

ok huff

bs finally says the wrong thing to the wrong person and probably gets knifed in some alley or something

md lasts until midnight city’s distruction

same with fb

st gets caught up in something because fb pissed someone off

jk they all live forever fuck you

People names for my own future reference:

BS - Buddy Smith

FB - Flint Baker

ST - Shane Taft

MD - Marcus Davis

NV - Noel Vance


chill BS, he’s fine

just kiss


I don’t know how my gallery isn’t just bs gross crying

takes bs and holds his face

you can’t stop me ok